Call for Applications: ATHENA PowerLink® Program

athenagroupApplication Deadline: May 31, 2014

maryfisherA Graduate’s Story: Mary Fisher, Mary Fisher Design

“At first, I was a bit hesitant to raise my hand and say, after 24 years in business, I could use a little help growing my company. You see, I own an advertising agency and we have seen a big change in my industry. Companies have shifted from printed brochures to web. They have also shifted from traditional advertising to social media. So, we expanded our business to include these new channels several years ago.

I understood we needed a niche market. So, after looking at our client base, I realized healthcare marketing had been a great niche for us and pursued that focus. Then, the Affordable Care Act came into place and the doctors slowed way down on their advertising. We were heading into a powerful combination of bad storms. And, we already were looking at a 20% decrease in revenues and profits.

I applied for the ATHENAPowerLink® program and I truly had the dream team of mentors who dedicated an entire year to my success. While my eight mentors worked hard with me, I was worried I would be the only failure in the ATHENA mentoring program. And then, finally, there was a light on the horizon. With the help of each of my mentors, I was able to show a 36% increase in net profit at the end of 2013.

You know sometimes, as a business owner, you can’t see the forest for the trees. Now I can see the forest and the trees. My mentors encouraged me to not only look at the details of
running a business, but to also step back and view the business from the clients’ or team members’ point of view.”

Is the ATHENAPowerLink® program for you?

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Questions? Please contact
Pat Blanchard, Director
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About Amy Calfee

Amy is Founder and CLO (Chief Listening Officer) of Temerity Creative, LLC, a marketing coaching and consulting practice for entrepreneurs and small business owners. She is a creative strategist and marketing expert devoted to entrepreneurs ready to be bold, be themselves and build a meaningful brand. Services include Marketing Coaching based on her planning system currently taught through the Jacksonville Women’s Business Center; Marketing Consulting to integrate the marketing function throughout small to mid-sized organizations and Creative Development, the voice and visualization of marketing strategies.
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